2023 ranking of the best charging networks in Europe

Time to assess! Many new features were added to Chargemap in 2023, including a brand new rating system in April. No fewer than 112,000 users have shared their charging experience, generating more than 390,000 ratings on the Chargemap platform. Based on these ratings, we are now unveiling our annual ranking* of the best charging networks in Europe.


Charging networks offering the best charging experience in Europe

Let’s start with the charging networks that stand out for the overall charging experience offered to electric car drivers in Europe. The Tesla Superchargers network takes first place, followed by the Dutch network Fastned. In the top 3 of this ranking, a French network, Electra, stands out, illustrating the excellence of the charging infrastructures that continue to develop on the continent.

The best-rated networks in terms of value for money in Europe

The European ranking, based on reviews left on the Chargemap application, highlights the pricing in relation to the competition and the services provided in the region The French Orléans Métropole network, spread over 31 charging zones, took first place in the ranking. The NW IECharge rapid charging network, which has a strong presence in suburban and rural areas, came second, followed by the Lidl network.

The best-rated networks in terms of infrastructure reliability in Europe

Infrastructure reliability is an important criterion for electric car drivers. This includes ease of use, the start of charging, the ratio of power delivered to power expected, the condition of the charging point and cables, etc. Fastned came first in the ranking, followed by the famous Tesla Superchargers network and the French network Electra.

Well done to all the charging networks that made it to the top of this ranking in 2023! What’s your favourite network? Does it feature here? Don’t forget to contribute and leave reviews on Chargemap to share your charging experience with other drivers ⭐️

See you next year for a new ranking 🏆

See the ranking infographic


The rankings of the best networks were drawn up on the basis of 390,000 reviews left by Chargemap users on the various charging networks, from 20 April 2023 to 31 December 2023 inclusive. To avoid excessive statistical discrepancies and ensure a consistent average rating, the ranking is based on a minimum of 1,000 ratings collected over this period for a charging network. The criteria take into account the overall charging experience, but also focus on equipment reliability and value for money.

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