Chargemap is cutting its charging rates

To foster easy, accessible charging – that’s our mission at Chargemap. Launching the Chargemap Pass was a landmark event. Now Chargemap’s business model is developing – together with our pricing strategy.

Our pricing scheme for charging with the Chargemap Pass

The prices we offer at Chargemap depend on the contracts signed with our partner networks. In short, this means that the networks decide on a price and then Chargemap adds a commission.

This is why, when you top up using your Chargemap Pass, the charge may cost you more than the prices indicated at the charging station by the network. However, it is still much cheaper and more practical than having to subscribe to every single charging network!

Just to remind you, the Chargemap Pass is not a subscription. You pay up front just once and then you are only billed if you use the Pass. We have therefore opted for a commission system to finance the service we offer.

Whenever you decide to charge using the Chargemap Pass, don’t forget to check out the rates beforehand on the mobile app.

So why are we cutting our rates?

From 14 February, we have decided to reduce our commission. In practice, for a charge costing €15, Chargemap will now take an average of €1.50 in commission (compared to €2.25 previously) to cover the costs of your Chargemap Pass. This means we are cutting our commission by almost a third!

With the increase in the number of times the Chargemap Pass is used, the reduction in our operating costs thanks to all we have achieved over the past few months and the launching of new services in the near future, we are now in a position to cut our commission on charges. The aim behind this significant economic effort is to make the service offered by the Pass ever more accessible for our community of users at a time when charging networks are gradually hiking up their prices.

This is our way of thanking you for being ever more numerous and allowing us to take part in developing electric mobility in Europe.

What networks are we talking about?

The answer is easy. All the networks – since the price reduction comes from us at Chargemap. Our team has cut all the prices, whatever the network. Count a drop of about 5% on the average Chargemap charging prices compared to the average Chargemap prices on 01/31/2020.

This announcement heralds sweeping changes that will be launched by Chargemap in 2020. We will be revealing our new services and features to you very soon. We can’t wait to share them with you!

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