New filters for charging at the best price

Charging per kWh is undeniably the fairest way to charge EVs. Chargemap has 2 new features to help you avoid overcharging and find the charging points that suit your budget.


New: filter charging points according to their rate

1. Only display charging points that charge per kWh

The first is simple, but powerful. Optimise your search for charging points by filtering charging stations that charge per kWh (session fees possible). This will help you avoid networks with complex and sometimes confusing tariffs.

2. Set a maximum price per kWh 

In the same vein, the Chargemap app now lets you set your maximum price per kWh. This saves you time by eliminating charging stations that are too expensive.

Other features to save money on charging

Watch out for discount stations on Chargemap 👀

We announced it for Christmas. The ‘Stations offering discounts’ feature allows our partner networks to offer you periods of reduced rates with the Chargemap Pass. Authorise Chargemap notifications on your phone and sign up for the newsletter to find out about early offers.

Filter free charging points 💸

It’s still possible to find free charging points in your neighbourhood. And Chargemap can help you do so! All you have to do is activate the ‘Free charging stations’ filter.

Why is this important to us?

Making it easier to use EVs is what drives us every day. And we believe that simplifying charging rates at charging points is essential to making this means of transport more popular.

Today, you can come across all sorts of different pricing models depending on the type of network. Energy rates, per-minute rates, time-based rates or penalties, or a mix of all of these make it easy to get lost in this charging jungle. 

With these new features, we want to promote fairer pricing per kWh and give you the tools to avoid nasty surprises on your bill

Stay tuned! More features are coming soon to help you control your charging budget 💰⚡️

What do you think of these new filters? What other features would you like to see in the Chargemap app 🙂

Download or update the Chargemap app to charge at the best price.

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Claus Meyer
Claus Meyer
22 March 2024 21 h 03 min

This app, dont work! Keeps giving a “cant make a route”. Come on just give me any route, if you cant filter things out or show, on the route here might be a problem, because low on kWh. And what is this kWh price keeped to, since most of the prices say almost 1EUR!!! This is for power that cost 0.066 kWh at home!!! Really a rip off, these prices at the moment! Did you put all the NEW EU rules into the prices yet???

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