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The new Check-in is here!

The brand new checkin-in process allows the community to forget their bad charging experiences (e.g. occupied stations, broken cables, incompatible vehicles…). Chargemap has completely redesigned each check-in step for you to enjoy the best experience. Here is a quick overview of what’s has been done. On your marks! Get ready! Check-in!


Check-in is your new personal recharging assistant

Starting and closing a check-in becomes an easy and fast gesture and provides useful information to the community:

The new stuff

  • Enjoy its new handy and friendly UI
  • Check-in suggestions appears when you stay near a charging station. (Don’t forget to enable notifications on your device).
  • Mute unwanted charging station notifications
  • The new form lets you quickly and seamlessly make a new check-in request
  • Add your vehicle to your account without quitting the check-in process
  • End your check-in period in an instant
  • New feature: Auto-close your checkin when it expires.
  • A reminder system for when your time’s up
  • Adjust your charging time when needed
  • Share error reports on failed charges in an flash
  • Suggestions for alternative charging stations in case of failure
  • Brand new UI for check-in and comments on detail sheets
  • Real-time charging stations updates and remaining times for live check-in is now diplayed


To sum it all up

Any EV driver will tell you, despite the importance of the charging stations location, knowing whether they are open or broken is priceless!

And the more check-ins that are made, the better the information on our recharging network. So you can have peace of mind about recharging your EV! So why not give the Check-in function a go?

We hope that this update will make your user experience useful and worthwhile. And don’t hesitate to let us know what you think or tell us about any bugs that come up by contacting Chargemap support.

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