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What do our Chargemap moderators actually do?

Every day, more and more of you take part in fleshing out the
information about charging stations on the Chargemap app. Today,
we are taking you “behind the scenes” to see how your
contributions are processed. Where do they go and who deals with

The Chargemap app: a sharing platform

Chargemap has been built on the Community’s contributions. Today, some 1800 contributions flow in daily augmenting the data contained in the Chargemap map and allowing thousands of users to access the information. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes regular contributions, some have done so for years. 

Listing a charging station, sharing photos, doing check-ins, making comments – these are all ways in which we EV drivers can interact and help each other out via a shared platform.

How are your contributions processed on Chargemap?

A growing Community necessarily implies an increased workload. We originally considered a model with moderators working on a voluntary basis, but quickly realised such a solution was not viable in the long term. Not if we wanted to fulfil one of Chargemap’s goals, i.e. ensuring the quality of the information present on the website and the app. The idea of building up a dedicated team to moderate your contributions quickly became the obvious way forward. In a way, our moderators are custodians guaranteeing that the information on Chargemap is top quality.

Our moderators process hundreds, if not thousands of contributions every day. Some of them are validated automatically, but most of them are processed by our team. 

Each contribution received for moderation is checked for its coherency and to make sure it comes up to Chargemap standards. Our principal aim is always to provide our users with reliable information. 

Before validating a contribution, our moderators often have to research the content to check out the accuracy of the data and supplement it. If, despite all their efforts, the information remains uncertain, they don’t hesitate to post a comment for the Community to gain further information about the charging station. Local members often go and investigate on site.

Although this is a relatively repetitive and time-consuming task, it is nonetheless essential to make the charging experience as smooth as possible for EV drivers. 

Towards a more efficient system for processing contributions 

The processing tool used by our moderators is completely managed in-house. This means that our Chargemap engineers also focus on improving it, with the aim of combining ease-of-use and efficiency to provide the team with the best possible working conditions. 

This represents an investment in terms of time and money so that our moderators can validate, update and correct the information more efficiently. 

You’ve got the message – processing the contributions and providing support for a Community of hundreds of thousands of users is a full-time job! 

Our team is expanding every day and we are thinking of several ways to perpetuate our activity and continue to improve our services for and with the Community. The creation of the Chargemap Pass and the introduction of adverts in the Chargemap app were already steps in this direction. Launching Chargemap Plus is another way of enhancing our services. Today, we suggest that our most regular users subscribe to our premium offer, if they wish to do so. 

Chargemap is developing fast, but let’s not forget what’s behind it and what makes it continue to grow. Thank you a thousand times and more for your active participation!

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