So what’s happened at Chargemap in 2019?

2019 is drawing to a close. Time to review the events that have fuelled the daily routine of the Chargemap team. So let’s look back at our journey together this year and check out the route mapped out for 2020.


Chargemap Pass is compatible with more than 70,000 charging points

Our Chargemap teams certainly haven’t been idle in 2019!

  • In 2019, Chargemap made the Chargemap Pass compatible with over 45,000 additional charging points, spread over 57 charging networks throughout Europe.
  • That brings us to a total of 76,558 compatible charging points!


And it’s not over yet! Every month, Chargemap aims to connect up to the greatest number of networks possible so that you can charge your EV anywhere in Europe.

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The Chargemap team just keeps on growing!

At Chargemap, we now have 16 collaborators who share the same mission: fostering the development of electric mobility by enhancing drivers’ charging experience.

This year, 5 new collaborators have stepped on board the Chargemap ship:

  • Mathieu, Back-end Developer
  • Lucas, Support Team Apprentice
  • Mélanie (the second one in the team), Marketing and Communications Apprentice
  • Théo, iOS Developer Intern
  • Pierre-Quentin, Android Developer Intern


Good news – Chargemap will recruit new collaborators to join the team of Chargemap superheroes in 2020 😉


The Chargemap Pass is 2 (and a half!) years old

Last June, the Chargemap Pass celebrated its 2nd anniversary! Doesn’t time fly…?
The famous blue badge is:

  • thousands of charges every month
  • tens of thousands of compatible charging points in France and Europe
  • an offer reaching out to corporate fleets with Fleet


An ever more intuitive mobile app

Each year, the Chargemap app interface is constantly improved with the aim of enhancing your browsing experience when you are looking for a charging station.

A few of our improved features:


Stay connected in 2020 to find out what the Chargemap developers are working on. Much awaited new features are on their way in. 🤫


Partnerships: for a smoother ride into the electric future

After the partnership agreement with Jaguar in 2018, Chargemap has signed up with two leading stakeholders on the French market this year:

  • Allianz: the insurance company is offering a free Chargemap Pass to customers taking out the special EV insurance policy.
  • Sofinco: the branch specialised in consumer credit gives a Chargemap Pass as a gift to all customers taking out a loan on a vehicle (as long as it’s a chargeable vehicle, of course).


Highlighting Chargemap on the App Store

Chargemap developers and designers have been working hard to make this come true.
The French App Store recommends the Chargemap app in the category “Des apps pour parcourir l’Europe” (Apps to travel across Europe). A just reward for the hard work achieved by all our team!


More than 400,000 Chargemap users

2019 was also the year when the number of Chargemap members broke the barrier of 400,000 subscribers! 🎉

But more members also means more work for our customer services! So a tremendous thankyou to our customer support team who are just as motivated as ever and achieve minor miracles on a daily basis.

Finally, a stupendous thankyou to the growing Chargemap community (soon to hit the half-a-million mark 😱) for your support and countless contributions on the app. Whether your feedback is positive or negative, it’s precious to us and helps us on the road to on-going improvement. 💙


The Chargemap and Automobile Propre teams wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎊

The Chargemap and Automobile Propre teams

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