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Ranking of the most reliable networks where you can charge this summer

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s time to reveal the Chargemap* ranking of the most reliable charging networks where you can charge this summer. We know that faulty charging points are a major concern for electric vehicle drivers, especially during the summer months when long journeys are on the rise. So where can you charge with peace of mind this summer? Discover our top 10.


How does Chargemap select the most reliable charging networks?

Thanks to your many reviews of charging stations on Chargemap! In fact, more than 80,000 of you have already rated charging stations on the criterion of reliability this year, i.e. more than 225,000 ratings in total. Thank you for your commitment!

We have based our evaluation on a minimum of 1,000 ratings collected for each charging network. The evaluation covers the period from 1 January to 9 June 2024 inclusive.

What are the best-rated charging networks in Europe in terms of infrastructure reliability?

ranking of the 10 most reliable charging networks in europe

Reliability covers ease of use, the start of charging, the ratio of power delivered to power expected, and the condition of the charging points and cables. The Electra network came out on top, followed by Tesla Superchargers and the Dutch network Fastned. The Atlante, Carrefour Market and EnergyVision networks are included in the ranking for the first time.

Well done to the charging networks at the top of this ranking! Don’t forget to contribute and leave reviews on Chargemap to share your charging experience with other drivers ⭐️ See you soon for a new Chargemap ranking 🏆

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The rankings of the most reliable networks for summer 2024 were drawn up on the basis of 225,000 reviews left by Chargemap users on the various charging networks, from 1 January 2024 to 9 June 2024 inclusive. To avoid excessive statistical discrepancies and ensure a consistent average rating, the ranking is based on a minimum of 1,000 ratings collected over this period for a charging network. The ranking takes into account the reliability of the equipment.

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Bård M. Hammer
Bård M. Hammer
28 June 2024 17 h 58 min

I will recomend charging Your EV by MER/UK

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