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Total charging stations: now in direct link with Chargemap

Chargemap is pleased to announce that its charging service is now directly linked up with the Total network. Quality charging service with roaming, reliability of data and compatibility with the Chargemap Pass: what does this close collaboration with the charge point operator Total mean exactly?


Chargemap and Total: a new phase in our collaboration 

As a charge point operator (CPO), Total wishes to offer the very best experience for its customers. As for Chargemap, our aim is in tune with this ambition: to make charging easy and sustainable. To achieve this objective, a direct link between our services and a mobility stakeholder like Total is a logical step forward.
Pierre Clasquin, Director of EV Charge at Total, asserts that “A Direct link with Chargemap also falls within the continuation of our technical and commercial partnership which has been operational for a long time.”

The best charging experience for drivers 

In concrete terms, this direct link means that Chargemap Pass holders will benefit from a higher quality charging service. 

As Pierre Clasquin goes on to explain, “Thanks to this direct link, data exchange will now occur instantly. This means updates for any new charging station will occur immediately, transaction management will be optimised and consequently, the overall experience will be improved for all Chargemap clients using Total’s charging services.”

Access to Total’s charging stations with the Chargemap Pass

How many charging points are compatible?

Linking Chargemap’s services to Total’s charging network adds an extra 130 charge points compatible with the Chargemap Pass. Chargemap’s clients can now benefit from quality access to 448 charge points on the Total network.

Where are Total’s charge points located? 

To date, the charging stations on the Total network are mainly located in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and for the most part offer charging with a high power rating.

To situate all the Total charge points compatible with your Chargemap Pass, go to your Chargemap app or the website. Don’t forget to use our search filters to find the charging stations that best suit your needs.

Ambitious development prospects 

“In the context of e-mobility, we are developing charging solutions at the workplace, at home and for public charging with roaming,” declares Pierre Clasquin.

Indeed, the Total group aims to operate 150,000 charge points throughout Europe by 2025. Furthermore, the Director of the EV Charge Department at Total has confirmed the deployment of rapid and ultra-rapid charging stations in the group’s service stations and has announced that “500 Total service stations shall be equipped with charging stations in Europe by 2023.”

He adds, “Among these 500 stations, 300 will be located on the major highways and motorways and 200 will be located in urban and suburban areas. More and more service stations will gradually be dedicated to electric charging, like for example the Relais de La Défense in Paris where work has started over the past month.” 

Total & Chargemap Operator

Ever with the aim of improving its services, the Total group uses Chargemap Operator as a complement to its monitoring platform for charging stations. 

Chargemap Operator is a tool designed by Chargemap with CPOs in mind. Indeed, the feedback and experiences of the Chargemap community provide precious information that helps charging networks improve their services. 

In simple terms, the Chargemap Operator interface creates a direct link between charging station users and charging networks. The networks can then reply directly to the community’s comments.

“At Total, Chargemap Operator is a tool used on a daily basis. It gives us an overview of activity at our charging stations in real time and helps us set up a proximity relationship with users through the feedback we receive via comments on Chargemap. It represents a real asset in terms of enhancing user experience.”

At Chargemap, we are delighted with this new phase in our collaboration and hope that it will help improve your charging station experience.

To conclude with the words of Yoann Nussbaumer, the President of Chargemap: “We are very happy with this new phase in our collaboration with Total – a demanding partner but committed to providing quality of service, just like Chargemap.”

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