Chargemap New year's card 2021

Flashback over the year 2020 at Chargemap

Well, there’s one thing we can all agree on – 2020 was a difficult episode for everyone. Even if our objectives were harder to achieve than ever before, the Chargemap team would like to share the highlights of this very singular year with you. And take the opportunity of wishing you a route marked by success in 2021!


Chargemap Plus joins the gang

Screenshot of the Chargemap Plus advanced filters
Snapshot of the premium features on Chargemap Plus

Just before the pandemic swept over us, we had brought out Chargemap Plus, our very first premium subscription offer. You can browse the app without ads and unblock advanced features that are particularly useful on long journeys. 

This means that preparing your journey via our route planner and the Chargemap Plus filters makes your e-travelling more predictable. Locating charging stations close to services where you can stop off for refreshments, masking out-of-order charging pools and excluding networks are all features included in the Chargemap Plus bundle.

And of course, we plan to flesh out the offer in 2021. We’ll let you know what other “Plus” points to expect as and when 😉

Chargemap Pass exceeds 100,000 compatible charging points

Visual of the Chargemap Pass - Access more than 100,000 charging stations

Since Chargemap Pass was launched in 2017, the Chargemap operating team has been connecting up new networks every month. With several thousand charging points being added on in 2020, Chargemap Pass topped the symbolic target of 100,000 compatible charging points.

2020 also heralded the beginning of direct network links, i.e. without passing through a roaming platform. Starting with the Nissan network and Freshmile network, direct connection is a great step towards open, decentralised roaming. 

Our goal today is to continue down this avenue and link up a maximum number of networks. The overall aim is to ensure operational efficiency and an improved charging experience for our users.

A makeover for the Chargemap mobile app

Visuals of the Chargemap mobile app - design refresh and UX improvements
Snapshots of some of the ergonomic improvements to the Chargemap app

The quiet months of the first lockdown presented an excellent opportunity for the team to touch up the Chargemap app. We reorganised the information and up-dated the design of the key, filters, lists of charging stations and the details screen. The aim behind these ergonomic enhancements is to offer an ever higher quality app that’s pleasant to use.

Chargemap Fleet doubled its client portfolio

Our software solution for company EV fleets surged in 2020. Our business team increased the number of Chargemap Fleet clients twofold – despite the long, uncertain months of inertia. 

Some Chargemap Fleet clients' logos
A sample of clients taking the Chargemap Fleet solution on board

Whether a business fleet has 2 or 150 electric vehicles, Chargemap’s commitment is unwavering. Our aim is to accompany professionals in their transition towards a “greener” solution on the road through providing optimum charging management for their staff.

Several fruitful professional partnerships were signed in 2020, including MG Motor and Mazda.

The Chargemap team keeps growing 

Photos of the 11 new members of the Chargemap team
New members joining the Chargemap team in 2020

With ever more ambitious projects, Chargemap needed to bring new members on board and recruit the very best to form our Dream Team. And neither COVID-19, nor remote working would stand in our way! 11 new staff members joined the Chargemap adventure in 2020. We’re more than ready to give 2021 everything we’ve got! 

Breaking the barrier of half a million Chargemap users

Chargemap passes 500,000 users

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are delighted to be able to count on your support – a key factor in Chargemap’s expansion. At the current time, over 600,000 users have already embarked on our community’s journey. And the road ahead is long… 

You made 830,893 contributions in 2020, keeping our Chargemap moderators busy and padding out precious information for the entire community. For their part, our super customer service left no stone unturned, dealing with 29,705 messages and 7,500 calls. Surely a little round of applause is due! 

Chargemap is available on CarPlay

View of the Chargemap app on the CarPlay home screen
The Chargemap app on the Apple CarPlay home page

This was the year’s cherry on the icing for Chargemap. Our teams pulled out all the stops so that Chargemap would be on board your EV on Apple CarPlay for Christmas. Mission accomplished!

And… cut! Next shot! *the camera focusing on 2021*

We hope you liked this retrospective! Are you ready to hit the road along route 2021 with Chargemap? 

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